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En Lakesh! Welcome to my chemical reality made digital. Here I shape and influence the world through thought brought forth. Sometimes I have direction and determination and other times I meander but heed this! I am a shaman for the global consciouness. The 1 Love.

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Above graphic derived from an image by Brian Froud.

The big move..
It's coming... for now be aware that it is this and this is good. Change and growth are good.

This blog has moved to here..

This is due to the fact that my signals are capable of being absorbed more efficiently there.

I'm having constant sex with the world, Oxygen is the world cumming in my mouth. I love it. I love you. I am alive loving life and you are it. I no longer hunger for the sake of materialism. I hunger for the worlds cum. The sun is cumming on my face. I hunger for it and I stretch upward toward it. I breathe in the worlds cum and I soak up the suns cum. I cum on it all in turn with my existence in it all and I am in life/love with it all. It's a silly way to look at things but then every way is silly isn't it? If you determine so.

Look at the work of Escher, look at all of our symbology throughout history. Look at everything we've brought to be. Our existence is us trying to tell ourselves something. We exist to figure our that we exist. Once we fully figure out we exist we can start training ourselves to exist.

Step 1. Determine that all determinations are merely suppositions. Everything is liquid? Nothing is solid? There are no laws. there is only life living in all variations in all directions, it is infinite and it is as random as the word random suggests, it's the figure eight on it's side, it's infinity without constraint, it's bigger than our concept of conception. We suppose everything we concieve, we are aware of our agreements and we agree with each other because we agressively demand that we do. Stop agreeing agressively in a negative or damaging sense, stop determining that anything affects you negatively, stop concieving of negative input. Stop putting out a negative sense of your physical signals. Do not sensate in overly agressive ways if they damage natural syncronicity, do not sensate in ways which restrict other life, do not bring life to other things in a way which imposes on growth space. Do not allow the signals other things make that are not physically damaging to be determined as damaging to you, nothing is damaging except determination. Once you determine something you are saying that it cannot be changed. Everything can be changed with a little influence. Be aware of life.

Step 2. Attach your mental existence to your physical one in an agressive state. Forget what your concept of agressiveness is. Agressivity is the excitement we all have when we're alive, it's mental attachment we have to all the sensations we exert oursleves into, our shape of reality currently has us stuck in the world on sensation attachment, everythings been about our physical presence here, our bodies, our occupied space in space, the liquid solid us.. Attach your mind to all parts of your physical self at all times. Be aware of your breathing, be aware of your smelling, be aware of your sight be aware of your surrounding sounds, be aware of every sensation you percieve as percievable because perception is 100% up to you and your enjoyment of it is all in your ability to be become attached to all parts of it and drop all pretenses and negative thnoughts, nothing is negative unless you determine it is.

Life determines negativity in a damaging sense, Animals do the most of that determination, why is that? It's because life is about growth and growth is about change and change is about becoming something new and becoming something new is about forgetting about determination in a sense of definitives and beginnings and ends and about allowing oneself to not care if the end is different than we are aware of, it just is and we're going to get there the absolute same way the plants around us do. By breathing in full control of our upward and outward stretch. We need to place awareness into every aspect of our insertion into life, awareness without self. Awareness with life as self, infinite and change as life. growth as undefinable otherwise we restrict oursleves into the definition we create and creating ourselves is not what we do when we're seperate like this, we only create ourselves when we're all truly open to life and through definitives we are closed to it.

You all who do not give in to this yet are fighting your self not me when you become agressive against my positive signals which are now touching you you cannot avoid my existence in this space. I am alive now and I will no longer allow myself to remain unaaware of myself. My physical self, the self I live in.

Live with me,
Love living with me.
Laugh, it's so you can grow. It uses your awareness over your existence.

Concepts are Concepts.
What do you concieve? Are you truly free? I am now. I am no longer restrained. Restrained is a state of laxness, the sleeping state, the passenger me, the I'm at a movie and everything is external to me. I am not a passenger. I am the driver. 'I am not a ball of clay I am The hand shaping it.

You do not determine ME, You do not define ME. I am not your concepts, I am not your definitions I am life and I grow here. I do not damage you as an organism. I am not pushing you out of the space you physically inhabit in the animal world, I do not overtake you or wish to push you out of existence, you are life too, you share my space and time. Love that you do, I love that I do. I live to live loving. I love to love living. I live to breath and grow upwards, to stretch, to flex my existence into existence. To bring life and awareness into my physical self.

Ego is Ergo. Circa is Definate Infinite.

I Don't Think So
Well I had better start.

There are two ways to be for me. One is likened to a ball of clay, all squishy and maliable, a product of my influence, open to changing shape and form, an input object, input device. I am what hits me, I am what splashes up against my senses, I am shaped by your touch, the touch of everything outside me, the influentialism of our shared reality in the space. The other way to exist is as a sort of spiked ball, a point light, that is the opposite of the clay as it is not maliable in the same ways and cannot be shaped and squished. The spiky me is influence outward, it's internal reality manifested. It's ego. It's consciousness forced out into this shared space reality, it's me multidirectionally pushing into this space and time with my influence and determinations.

I don't think so. I do think so. I think.

3 Chuen
I'm sorry world, for some reason it's very difficult for me this day to focus on the normal day to day affairs of societal life. I've got my mind wrapped around large scale issues and it's not easy for me to focus on my usual routines such as web design, employment and casual conversation. Actually it's going to be more and more difficult for me to go about doing this in this society surrounded by the type of minds which exist here.. Can you understand me? O.K. Let's go off in a few directions I've got to go in.. have been going in.. will be going in..

What's the force which causes us to intensify our passion when we embrace each other? Hunger?

I feel that this energy, this thing which causes us to disconnect from our conscious selves and attach to our physical selves is very important. It's a giant determinant to our focuzs as a species, our direction, our purpose, our desire to place purpose or discover it rests here in this, so simple the answer we can never be satisfied with it. A simple answer cannot be the answer! Never! We believe it must be complex, it must encompass everything, it must answer all questions and be interpreted or capable of being interpreted by anyone in any context or application.

You might call this energy a sort of agression or excitement. It's like energy that is aware of itself and is exciteed by the fact that it's aware of itself. Energy excited to be alive. A sense of sensation. Joy. Our problem is determination. We place whole layers of reality on our sensations, we divide and interpret and derive and determine decisions, opinions, likes, dislikes, preferences and assumptions, suppositions and preconceptions. We place "meaning" from within ourselves on every little action without ourselves and our determinations are what lead us to believe one action is more or less desirable than another. We are products of our influences, we only go where we are directed to. We can only go where we are allowed to.. We only think in ways we've been taught to. We only believe in possibiilities which have been defined by us and we only define possibilities in absolutes leaving no room for variability and the natural chaotic randomness that is life. We're trying to define ourselves down into such a strict non"sense" of ourselves that we can no longer even evaluate ourselves and our environments outside the confines of our reckoning, our conditioning, our reams and reams of prior influences. The world that has been pulled over our eyes to blinds us from the truth. To stop us from seeking the truth, to keep us in a dissillusioned foggy state of existance where we think that truths are absolute and reality is external to our chemical insides.

Look at Quantum Physics, look at sacred geometry, investigate the worlds of possibilities which exist and free yourself from the linear path of self division.. This path which has us seperating from each other more and more.. All the while everything we do is telling us that coming together is what we need and want, yet here we are, standing furthur and furthur apart.

Come closer, hold my hand.

These Romans are Crazy Asterix!
My sister thinks I belong in a funny farm. She thinks I'm a bigot. She thinks I've gone off the deep end. She has stopped reading my blog becausse she thinks I'm spouting nonsense and that I've been taking too much mdma. Just saying hello for the holidays and I find out my poor uneducated sister has stereotyped me into a catagory of peopole who she no longer gives justification to. I'm insignifigant and my words make me considerably easy to be labeled as crasy or deranged I guess.

1. I am NOT a bigot. I am the sum of my experience and influences. I give a LOT of weight to the descriptions of reality which we've already established and practice around the globe. Every thing I know stems from what has been recorded and is enacted every day in the society surrounding me. Everyone and everything has purpose and usefulness. All we have created has been with purpose and thus cannot be dismissed as false or believed as true either. Everything in life is speculation. I speculate my way, you speculate yours. I accept that. Do you? I'll listen to you, will you listen too?

2. Arrogance. Cynicism. Sarcasm. Dismissiveness. I've been all that, had those emotions, mistakenly placed those weights on my consciousness and did wrong by myself and those I rubbed those off on. I'm doing my best to relieve myself of these things and others, they're not serving any purpose in my reality. Nothing can be dismissed, and when it appears to you that I am doing such a thing, forget that thought. It's not happening, I'm merely pausing my intake of that input until my ram is prepped to deal with it. I'm very divided in my focuses and my mind works in whatever ways I work it, so patience please! I know I need more patience too. We all do.

3. Numbers are funny. Todays .. Oc. (Two Oc)

I missed writing yesterday about Muluc, it'll have to wait until next cycle. Oc is the face of a dog, and I think I'll spend some extra time with the animals today. chat will get a trip outside this evening once the streets calm dont and a nice brushing, she deserves it, poor girl has to eat her own fur in order to clean herself. Such a thing is easily made less of a trial with a little brushing. The Oc glyph is interesting to look at, after a while I remove the precept of the dogs face from my intent and determine new visual representations of things from the abstract open minded approach. I'm not going to try listing these ones here thought until I create proper images of the glyphs to store somewhere and refer to. Your current version of the glyph might be different than mine. Isn't history wonderful?

5. The fifth is central and stronger, a beacon to the rest, a choice of directions, a strong one to stand up for the smaller more weak ones. The layout of a game of oldschool tetherball, a water wheel manned and in motion.. How many ways to interpret this glyph, so open to determination!

Full of Directions..
Todays glyph to me suggest directions as well, a bit of random any topic/subject and I just feel like writing some in this direction as well today. Here's a little lesson in sense connection to the touch. Brain control over body shape and co-ordination, balance, variation capabilities..

How much precise control do you maintain over all parts of your physical self? What level of control do you have over your face muscles, your toes, and all other parts of your body? Analyze this carefully, the toes and face are important ones to consider, they will give you a more accurate measure of the whole of your abilities because they are the two most often atropheed and because the faces shape is completely your own choice. Get it?

From the moment you are given a physical face to put into emotive shapes, your emotions are the number one factor involved with the shape of it. Remember how your parents used to say that face you were making would stay that way if you kept it too long... they were serious, just not applying it in a way you could identify with in an everyday determination. I have taken it upon myself to begin reshaping my face, my posture and my body shape, even more so, I am striving for a whole new level of control of my physical structure. I am tuning each muscle, tendon and ligament, each joint, on the surface of my body to infinity.

I have very little upper cheek, no squirrels pouch on the sides of my faces to suggest I've spent years of my time with happiness on my face. My cheeks are slack. But give me time. I already feel a difference. My toes, used to be almost incapable of seperation from each other, spreading was something I had little control over, I could curl them tight and open them almost straight, but i had forgotten my toes for many years in my socks and shoes, left them for unimportant. Extensions of me, unimportant! For shame.


Arguelles and Such
I know how much weight and interest is on the topic of the Dreamspell, the tones, the chakras, the whole Arguelles world of outlook. and such, this is all a fantastic thing since it's all directed in the right ways to begin to put thesee messages out to us as a species. There are many things there which have very much weight. I've read much on the internet throughout my research and glyph seeking textpeditions... This is of interest, it's well put together and have a general sense of broadening perspectives to a new level.

It's very true and you'll probably agree with me relatively easily on that, but I'm certain that at the same time your mind will stop you there and have you reply within with some sort of fail-safe from your conditioning.. a but.. or an, oh well.. something non comittal to action, an I don't really care nor do I think that I'll effect change to this reality type emotional response. You're lazy you lazy bastard, get up! Shake it off, go out and get yourself a fresh perspective. reality is NOT what you think it is, in this petty money oriented philosophy. We've got to release ourselves from the clocks and from the currencies and free our minds from the matrix of conditioning we've embraced for so long.

Arguelles, you've got something going but you're still overboard. Left field you might say, you're not quite connected to this enough otherwise you'd spend less time selling yourself and more time figuring out what pebbles need to be dislodged for the big boulders to start rolling downstream. Remember when I said that Gravity just hasn't felt it yet? I'm certain the world took that in one way when they read it, I realize now it's not at all that way. Gravity WILL feel me. Everyone will. You all feel it already, or you can if you just tune in.

Tilt your head to the side on a slant like the Iguana Spot with her eyes half lidded and a rather bored gaze.. I am NOT asleep!

13 Lamat
According the the Maya Script book Lamat has a few meanings. Planet Venus, heavenly dragon, connection between heaven and earth. The glyph I've got is a four pointed star or a top down view of a pyramid laid out diagonally with short branches reaching out from each of the four corners into the four directions, North, east , South, West. In each of the four quadrants this creates on the glyph reside a small circle. I can see this glyph other ways now. I see it as the concurrent connection of four Y's. Each Y has both a positive and negative side and due to the overlap the positive for one Y is the negative for the next causing all positives to be negatives and vice versa.

What could heavenly dragon mean? What's the generally accepted idea of a connection between the heavens/ the sky and the earth? Lightening, electricity, light, gas? How does the planet Venus fit into a cycle of 20? Whay purpose does what would have appeared to have been just another celestial streetlight have to do with the 8th glyph.... Ahh perhaps that has something to do with it. For thought today is the 13th number of the so called "tones" it is the 8th glyph in the series, the octave and thus make a much clearer sort of sense logically.

The center figure has four sides with four branches, it's four diviner rods moving outwards to seek water and it's the unity of the four directions, holding hands and completing the circle of life. This shape is half repeated on Akbal. The path of the hidden sun at night. The four circles are actually 8. There are four outside faces and four inside faces. Each circle though made up of one line is in fact two circles. That which is outside and that which is in...

Everything is infinity with a twist. Everything can and will vary to the most infinite degree as nothing is the same as anything else even while everything is a part of everything they're all one but unique and purposefully seperate yet connected. The one branch of the one Y is also the other branch of the next Y. One cannot exist without the other or they would cease to fit into the whole Y concept.

Now let's see things differently. The center star shape is no longer that. It's a square middle stick figure who is jumping for joy, possibly doing jumping jacks and there are four of these little men, one for each diagonal direction. They are celebrating life by leapiing into the air of this world and stretching arms and legs out intoall directions. Free from conditioning and redirective constraints. They share the center and appear to be one because they aree one. At the moment it occurs to me that they are actually trying to jump apart, trying to seperate into individuals on the glyph but they cannot. They are forever stuck in the attempt to split apart and become seperate unable to see that the rest of us are nothing more than mirrors of each other and syncronicity exists through our connection.

I encourage you to spend time staring at the originial glyphs and leaving out all the religious/god references to things from your perception of the interpretation of them. Apply what you see/feel/think/know to the most naturalness in life. Think how everything applies to life, living and love in a base snese. Detach yourself from materialism and the necessity to place possessive lables on existing things. Objectively evaluate the focus you place upon your determination in this place. Decide if your path here is truly an active matter in your reality of if you are just floating along in the ebb and tides of an influential reality. Are you a member of the audience or are you a member of the play? Don't you have a key role to play? If you do not recognize it, that's ok, the global consciouness will pass that task on to another when you do not take it up, when you are not awakened and do not heed the importance of this all. We love you and even if you don't see it, we will work on your behalf, on the behalf of everyone.